December HOT & New Products

2011 is coming to an end. We have 2 more days before we end our Year End special.

Thank you for choosing our products. Up till today, we have sold some products from every brand that are on our promotion list.

Thank you all for your support!

We will ensure a longer list of products for the next Year End Special.

Wishing all a Happy New Year!

2011 Dec Hot Products

Galaxy Audio AS-1100 Wireless Monitoring System is a big hit. We sold all our system from 1st shipment and new shipment has just arrived. We now have 4pack system in stock for you.

K& M21302-009-55 Starline Speaker Stand with hand crank.
Weight: 7.5Kg TUV type approved for loads up to 40Kg.
* Compare the specs with other products and you will understand why clients choose our stands.

Lectrosonics SMV & SMQV series transmitters - Digital Hybrid miniature Transmitter

Oktava MK012-MSP2 Stereo Matched Pair Small diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid capsules

Primacoustic Broadway Acoustic treatment panels

Primacoustic ShowPad2 iPad2 microphone stand holder

Radial Engineering ProAV1 Multimedia DI ( Passive)

Radial Engineering ProDI Passive Direct Box It's always our year end HOT item.

Rolls MP222 Dual channel microphone preamp has arrived.

2011 Dec New Products

Rolls MX36 MixCam 2 channel portable mixer with camera mount

Rolls RM69 1U Rack mount mixer

True System P-Solo ( 2011Dec upgrade) & all other range are in stock now!

Versaflex Pole Holders for 24", 29", 36" & 40" Location Boom poles when collapsed

Welcome 2012!

Products coming to you soon!

CAD Audio HA4 Four channel headphone amplifier ( Feb)

Lectrosonics HH Digital Hybrid Handheld Transmitter ( Mar - Apr)

Radial Engineering FireFly Tube Direct Box ( T.B.A.)

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